Mavis Johnson-Collie

Mavis Johnson-Collie is the Corporate and Consumer Relations Manager for the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, URCA, having served in that position since June 2016.  In this role she leads the organization in the development and implementation of strategies and programmes aimed at bridging the gap and creating linkages between the regulatory functions of URCA and the protection of the interest of its many stakeholders especially consumers in the regulated sectors.  A key objective of the department, is to communicate to consumers how what the Regulator does impacts and relates to them.  


Johnson-Collie is also involved in the promotion of innovation in the regulated sectors and the promotion of equitable access to all services throughout the country.  She is very excited about the work URCA has done and continues to do to create the awareness amongst young people especially young women about the many career opportunities in the information communication technologies industry.

Mavis Johnson-Collie, a trained attorney by profession, was called to The Bahamas Bar in 2001 but started her communications journey with The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) where she fell in love with public communication.  She served BCB as a news reporter beforeentering the field of public relations.  She admits that she ‘loves public relations’ as she “enjoys public speaking, networking and making things happen”.  


This mother of two beautiful daughters has a passion for exploring opportunities for growth, development and equal opportunity for young people and children with disabilities and women.  Nationally she serves as an advocate for those less fortunate serving as speaker and facilitator for workshops, leadership development seminars, commencement exercises and church groups.  


Professionally, Johnson-Collie shares her gifts as a boardmember of the Bahamas Baptist Educational Authority; the Bahamas Infant Stimulation Programme; Host of the Baptist Hour (half hour radio programme) and deputy chairman, The Bahamas Baptist Community College.  She is also a former member of the Bahamas Bar Council.  She continues to be very active in several civic groups where she holds senior and or pioneering positions.  These include the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the International Federation of Female Attorneys.

Johnson-Collie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York in Broadcast Communication (Magnum Cum Laude); a Master of Arts in Public Communication (with Distinction) from American University; an LLB from Wolver Hampton University (UK) and the Certificate of legal Education from the Eugene Dupuch Law School.  She is married to Sidney Collie, senior partner Collie & Collie and they have two daughters.

Corporate and Consumer Relations Manager


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