Marlène Sam

Born in Haiti, Marlène Sam grew up in Africa and then in Europe, pursuing university studies in Italy (Liberà Università Internazionale degli Sociali ex Pro Deo) and France (Science Po, Paris-Sorbonne and IEP Aix-en-Provence) . She holds a Master's degree in Political Science and a postgraduate diploma in Arab World. Since returning to Haiti in 1994, she has worked primarily with private sector associations to increase membership, implement activities and partnerships for the Association of Industries Haiti (ADIH), the American Chamber of Commerce of Haiti (AmCham), the Haitian Association for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies (AHTIC).

In all of these positions, she has consistently encouraged the private sector to become involved in initiatives to strengthen institutional capacities and increase corporate social responsibility. To this end, it has helped to reactivate the Haitian Industries Foundation (FONDIH), to create Haiti Tec, a vocational and technical training center (1999), and to launch AGERCA (2006), an alliance for risk management And business continuity. Since 2007, she has been working on projects to include certain groups (youth, students, women) and secondly, supported the ICT Working Group in the development of a strategic plan for Promotion of ICT and e-government.

Marlène Sam joined the team of the Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti (ESIH) after the January 2010 earthquake as head of local and international partnerships. Today, she runs a multidisciplinary team that sets up THESS, the first Haitian digital education platform, with the support and financial support of France and the AUF.

She is the happy mother of a great girl.

Responsible for local and international partnerships


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El Rancho Hotel , Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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