Gaelle R. Pierre

Gaëlle Rimpel Pierre really started to be interested in the field of technology since 1988 when her mother sent her to study at Computec for an introduction to Programming.  When she graduated from Institution du Sacré-Coeur in 1990, she attended  the Faculty of Sciences of the State University of Haiti, where she studied Electronic Engineering until 1996.  

She got out of the faculty with her new project and founded GAMA Consulting SA which became the leading Technology firm in Haiti for almost two decades.  While juggling with this new startup and her family life, she worked at Compassion International, between 1998 and 2003, administrating the computer network there and completing any tasks related to technology.  

Recently she tapped into her creative juices and started to develop ways to make products from cactus, including liquor and jams.  With this passion for creating startups, she attended the Fortune500 / State Department Exchange Program in 2010, and since then dedicated her time to helping young women to become the next generation of rising entrepreneurs in Haiti by founding the National Association For Women Empowerment (ANAFEMA).  Opportunities and unrelenting success await.



We are SIFNUH - the largest digital tech summit in Haiti. A technology conference by women and for women.

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16-18 May 2018
El Rancho Hotel , Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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