Fatouma Harber

Malian, having grown up in Niger (a country bordering Mali) born migrant, Fatouma Harber fought to return to her home country with her parents. She obtained a master's degree in psychology from the University of Mali before taking a training in journalism from a non-governmental organization working to promote new technologies in Mali called Togunet.  This is durent her study that she creates her first company, with a student friend: a video games room.

In 2005, after returning to her hometown, Fatouma Harber interned in a study office, which led her to develop community projects, especially for women's associations.

In 2007, she became a teacher at a teacher training institute. She taught French and school legislation, but became a volunteer teacher of computer science courses. During the security crisis Mali known in 2012, Faty uses blogging and social networks to denounce the abuses committed in Timbuktu. She joins the platform of francophone bloggers of RFI and becomes the winner of the contest, which allows her to participate in the annual training in journalism and tools 2.0.

Its militancy and its almost permanent presence on social networks allows her to be ranked among the 7 most influential young people of Mali by Africa Magazine. Creator of the Mali bloggers community, Faty is a journalist and a local development consultant while running the Women's Flag Center in Timbuktu; A center financed by private individuals in favor of feminine entrepreneurship and new technologies in Timbuktu.

In June 2016, Fatouma launches, with a young IT specialist from Timbuktu, her company, Sankorélabs, a social Tech Hub based on solidarity-based economies, and the training and monetization of services in the fields of new technologies. Fatouma launches the webtv sankoréTV based on local information, where citizens are trained to relay information through the Internet, radio and press.

Fatouma Harber is a fellow of the African Development Bank (AfDB), a fellow of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS), general secretary of the Mali bloggers community, a member of Womentech Maker Bamako, president of the youth activism association of Timbuktu Yermatoun and member of other civil society's organizations. She is married and the mother of a little girl.

Co-founder of Sankorelabs


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