Anne Martine Augustin

Anne Martine AUGUSTIN is a young and dynamic woman, born and raised in Cap-Haitian, a beautiful town in Northern Haiti. From an early age, her extraordinary sense of responsibility, her determination and her positive mind have marked her entourage. In 2009, Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP) granted Anne Martine a scholarship for her university studies. She entered the same year the Faculty of Science of The State University of Haiti from where she graduated as an electronic engineer. Life is not only about one’s education. Anne Martine knows that. In 2011, she attended the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) at Doha, Qatar and worked throughout 2012, on a research project on the theme “Professional Development in Education” for a publication of Learners’ Voice Program of WISE. She also attended the 11th Youth Assembly at the United Nations where she co-founded the group initiative “Haiti Task Force” that won a Resolution Project Fellowship. Anne Martine was named Young Female Leader by YWCA Haiti (2013) and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of 2014 by Haiti’s Junior Chamber International. Passionate about programming, Anne Martine won with her team the first national hackathon “Konbit Teknolojik Pou Rezilyans” organized by the Civil Protection Department of Haiti and the World Bank in the same year. Meticulous and serious professional, Anne Martine is actually Project Manager Assistant at Turbo System S.A. She is involved in all aspects of projects life-cycle and known for her bright wit, her determination and dynamism. Excellent communicator, she fosters the sharing of information within the project team and with the clients. Anne Martine previously worked at Solutions S.A. as Junior Analyst Programmer.

Anne Martine is also the co-founder and general coordinator of ACTIVEH, a non-profit organization which aims to harness the passion and potential of students from different universities as a force of change for Haiti and the ambition to develop professional internships and good-will volunteer opportunities for community-development programs in Haiti.

Actually finalizing the process to start a master in software Engineering, Anne Martine is excited to pursue her passion for education, programming and civic engagement in Haiti.

Co-founder / Board President at ACTIVEH


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16-18 May 2018
El Rancho Hotel , Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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